Visual and Performing Arts

Art Classes

All day is Art Class! Class is not a word used.  It sounds formal feeling like going to school. “Going to the studio” or Company practice” are preferred.  YES!  Learning is a huge part of this program.   Members have fun all day using creativity and find excitement each hour with the rotating daily schedule of Visual and Performing Arts.

Clay, Paint, Dye, Wood, Jewelry, Silk/Natural Fabric, Set Design, Costuming, Photography, Culinary, Multi-Media

Be part of a Visual and Performing Arts Company!

Take part in learning stage skills in live performances and each day utilize many Art forms and tools:

Watercolor, Oils, Pastels, Acrylic, Textile and Fabric Paint

Clay, Wood, Tile, Paper and Canvas

Brushes, Sculpting and Cutting Tools, Fabric and Glass

Acting, Set Design, Costuming, Stage Direction/Production, Dance Choreography and Music

Also, Art of Horticulture, Color Therapy and Digital Design

We are not a camp, we are a lifestyle.

One Day

One Week

One Month

Unlimited for a year 

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