Wednesday, July 17th, 2024

Featured Artists:

Claes Oldenburg &David Hrobowski

10 AM: Sign In

10:15 AM: Warm up stretch

10:25 AM:  Artist Introductions

10:45 AM: Design-Drawing Room

11:15 AM: Prepare supplies and begin constructing and paint wood stick Art

11:40 AM:  Free time, 10 minute break

12 PM: Back to the drawing room-clothespin design

12:15PM: Construct and Paint pins and pegs

1 PM: 30 minute lunch/recess

1 :30 PM: Create a Play with dialogue for a skit for pin and peg figures

2 PM: Record Video of Skit Performance and edit video

2:30 PM:  Pack up

2:50 PM: Closing Stretch & wooden block Architecture 

3 PM: Pick up